Masterpiece: The Roast, well done.

Masterpiece is a movie that shouldn’t be missed by any of the aspiring scriptwriters out there.If you doubt your skills and fear that you are not good enough to make it big in the malayalam film industry, this is the one film that you should be watching. I respect Udayakrishna. In a film that has Mammootty as the leading man, when a viewer finds relief in a character portrayed by Santosh Pandit, you know its no mean acheivement for a wrtier. Again, I have nothing but respect for Udayakrishna. The mark of a great movie is when the viewer is haunted by the images he has watched on screen well after the end credits have rolled, a Masterpiece indeed. The greatest mystery in this whodunnit which is also a campus movie and a socio-political thriller at the same time, is the title of the movie itself, while a layman like me would be tempted to think that its a direct reference to the many “mass” scenes which make up the movie, I doubt that’s the case here in fact and this just might end up one of the greatest cinematic mysteries of our times, right up there with the spinning top’s fate in Inception, no less. Hey, did I mention that I respect Udayakrishna?

If youre of the dated opinion that Sarvakalashala, Sukhamo Devi and even Sangham truly reflected the campuses and students of their times and films like Cheppu and Mazhayethum Munpe portayed the most memorable roles of the Big Ms, in their turns as college professors, your tastes and sensibilities as a viewer need an obvious update and Masterpiece is exactly what the doctor ordered. Ajay Vasudev has portrayed a college campus that reeks with reality to an extent that the stench remains with you, long after you have left the hall. I am compelled, to respect Ajay Vasudev too.

Now, there are detractors who feel that two of the greatest “mass” scenes of Mamooty in the past decade or so are the police station scene from Ranjith’s Kaiyoppu and that silent walk of disappointment and rejection from Martin Prakkatt’s debut, Best Actor. These are scenes which any other actor of our times could pull off with ease and why would an actor of Mammooty’s calibre waste his precious talent with such roles when he can bounce baddies off the ground and kick them around for most of his screen time in a gem like Masterpiece. Goes without saying that i respect Mammooty.

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