Thor : Ragnarok – The Review.

Thor goes to battle with Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song in the background not once but twice in this latest piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe up for grabs and just those scenes are your money’s worth, in fact every scene of this movie is, and how often do you get to say that about a movie these days?I am not familiar with the work of Taika Waititi and i must say i regret that already.For a movie that’s just a wee bit over two hours in running time, to keep the fun factor intact without losing charm throughout is no mean feat, its a superhuman feat in fact and when i tell you that the likes of Matt Damon and Sam Neil do cameos here, you know I’m not pulling a fast one on you.

I feel for DC here though, right when they’re about to try and salvage some pride with their version of the fiercely competitive space that comic book alternate reality universe is , Marvel goes ahead again and beats them to it at the box office.I know I’m being unfair and mean when i say this but Zack Snyder, even if he’s being helped out by Joss Whedon himself this time around,is going to have a hard time going up against Thor and Co.This is one race where the hare is beating the tortoise hands down, I’ve a feeling .Superman and Batman just might end up sweating a bit more than they would like trying to unseat Thor and Hulk at the box office in the weeks to come.And when was the last time Batman or Superman cracked a joke on screen, yeah now you know what i am talking about.This Marvel movie is significant also because it doesn’t rely on the abundantly talented Robert Downey Jr. in the wisecracks department.But a Tony Stark reference is not entirely without either.

If the tales of the Gods in Asgard have confused and put you off in the past, don’t let that cloud your judgment this time around.This movie is nothing like any of the other Marvel movies you’ve watched.Remember how genuinely refreshing the first Iron Man movie was, if you do, thats how good this movie is.It might remind you of Guardians of Galaxies but thats only because its as much fun and you have as many ships flying around battling each other furiously.Cate Blanchett gets to play a Queen again, albeit a mean one and you realize why Shekar Kapoor cast in the first place, the lady’s got class, loads of it.Chris Hemworth and Mark Ruffalo are the men of the hour here with ample support from Tom Hiddleston and Tessa Thompson who i must say, has been a revelation, at least to me.Anthony Hopkins has to be the only actor on the planet who could sleepwalk through the role of Odin, Thor’s father and the King of Asgard.Idris Elba returns here again and is the only Asgardian who doesn’t have a funny bone in his body.Jeff Goldblum plays a quirky baddie here and Benedict Cumberbatch reprises his role as Doctor Strange in another cameo.Thor Ragnarok restored my dwindling faith in the superhero genre and the credit i must say belongs to Waititi entirely.Got a nice ring to it too, can’t stop repeating that name in my head for some reason, Taika Waititi…

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