Dark S01 | Netflix :Review

A German show debuted on Netflix the other day.Not that i have a problem with the spoken language when it comes to binge watching, Narcos had more than a fair sprinkling of Spanish.But this one turned out be something else entirely.Imagine watching Nolan’s Interstellar in a language that you do not speak or understand, while you were drunk, with subtitles, thats the closest i can get to explaining my experience as a viewer, the fact that the show dealt with the same mind bending theme as Interstellar notwithstanding.Both are about bending of time, but its your mind that gets bent ultimately by the time you figure out the story.

For those of us who feel that Stranger Things Season One was the best Sci-Fi drama to hit Netflix but have been disappointed by Stranger Things Season 2, Dark just might be the right button to hit, literally. While Dark doesn’t have any of the nostalgic charm of Stranger Things and is in fact a grim tale with a bunch of disturbed characters, you still end up caring for the most of them and their fates, but you might want to keep a pad and a pencil at arms length too, not the easiest of plots to keep track of exactly.I am not exaggerating, trust me on this one.

For a plot that progressed in the most complicated yet flawless of ways, i must say i was a bit disappointed by the ending of this Season, which could only be justified by an impending Season Two announcement .The stage has been set brilliantly, a climax thats worthy is what the creators owe us as viewers now.Nothing less will do.


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