Narcos S03:The Review.

Post Seasons One and Two which saw the rise and demise of Escobar, Narcos has returned for a third season which chronicles the events that led to the takedown of the Cali Cartel.In the absence of the towering presence that Escobar played by Wagner Moura was, the show focuses on the fates of the men who took over the reins of the Colombian drug cartels and the men who went to work to bring them to justice or rather what passed for justice in that part of the world.The series doesn’t take sides here when it sheds some light on the compromises made by the forces who are supposedly on the side of justice, the Americans in this case.Basically its about men on either side of the law, and how they play the system to get what they want.This season unfolded to the pace of a taut action thriller and is not a character study like the earlier seasons, for obvious reasons.Now that Narcos is done with the Colombians, the show closes with a hint that they will be moving to the next destination on the global drug trade map, Mexico and news just came in that the location scout for Season 4 has been shot dead in Mexico.Imagine, those are the guys DQ fought off like they were school bullies in CIA.

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