The Expendables.

Nineteen, is the number of self immolations reported towards the cause of Telangana statehood between 2009 and 2012 if information on Wiki is anything to go by.613 was the number of suicides linked to the movement by 2011 according to Social Audit Control on Information Right ,a body based in AP.It was youngsters mostly ,students in their early 20s who chose to burn themselves up for the cause they believed in.The youngest in the list was a seventeen year old school girl and the oldest of the martyrs were in their early 40s.Regionalism of the most intense kind was the catalyst here,not religion or race.
I know little of their backgrounds but I wouldn’t be in the wrong to assume that these souls were definitely not the kith or kin of anyone in those plush chairs in the newly formed Cabinet.
But then that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work in this messed up world ,where ordinary human lives are considered expendable by people in positions of influence and power,ultimately the individuals on the lowest rungs of the “social hierarchy” are just means to an end literally, for the self obsessed champions of every rotten cause out there.I was perplexed for a long time by the fact that people could be driven to a frenzy of selfless sacrifice in the most terrible of ways, by impassioned orators with agendas and the ideas they instil but that was before Pokemon Go, if a game could do this to people, i mean to say.

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