Daredevil S02: Thoughts.

Around the same time DC pitted two of the most popular superheroes of all time against each other on the big screen, arch rival -in true comic book tradition-Marvel did the same with two of its lesser known characters on the new frontier that online video streaming is. DC already has some catching up to do with Marvel in terms of box office records and ” universe building “, now they have another battle to wage.

The Netflix Daredevil Series Season One was a reboot that would have made Nolan proud.(I’ve no idea why i said Nolan because personally I believe that it was Sam Raimi who kicked off the whole superhero genre reboot frenzy with his Spiderman trilogy. Nolan blazed the trail that Raimi beat, I think.) It’s an interesting coincidence that Ben Affleck played Daredevil in that rather unimpressive movie version. But Affleck who faced considerable flak unfairly, right from the time his name was announced for Dawn of Justice can find comfort in the fact that the Batman of the Dark Knight Trilogy would be remembered as the Nolan Batman rather than the Bale Batman , as opposed to the Keaton Batman because it was essentially a director’s show to the core. Ben Affleck with his chin and grey hair did justice to the Frank Miller version in the looks department at least if nothing else, mostly because the Snyder movie had too much to do in too little time.

In Daredevil Season Two , Marvel brings in The Punisher with an origin story that stays loyal to the current trend backed by a compelling performance from Joe Bernthal. The graveyard monologue is proof enough for Bernthal’s raw talent. Elektra makes an entrance too. There’s even a passing reference to Jessica Jones, hinting at a parallel universe apart from the cinematic one. Daredevil basically shows us what good writing and decent performances can do for stories that would otherwise be just nonsensical.

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