Visaranai: The Review.

Visaaranai is the movie you should go watch right after Action Hero Biju.Its the perfect antidote from a moviegoer’s point of view.Visaaranai is Hyde to Biju’s Jekyll,so to speak.While Biju turned the camera to the very real humane side of the police force,this movie shows that monstrous side of the system in general which mercilessly grinds everything and everyone that gets in its way to rubble ,status and stature notwithstanding.You could only be with it, against is not even an option.In fact you do not even need to be against it,as the movie based on a novel by an auto driver, drawing inspiration from his own life shows.It grabs you at will ,uses you, and then throws you away into those dark dungeons where you cease to exist as an individual,as a citizen.It is essentially a horror movie where Vetrimaran, the director will have your heart beating to the tempo of the tension that he builds on screen right from the opening scene, which rises to a crescendo at the end credits.Dinesh delivers an endearing performance along with the rest of the cast.Speaking of reality, film making and themes does not get any more real than it gets here.Not to be missed.

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