Inception vs Shutter Island.

Inception came across as a complex movie with an intriguing ending until i watched Shutter Island.Inception followed The Dark Knight and it carried all the weight of the Nolan name and the expectations with ease.It was a grand spectacle of a movie to me.Released a few months apart, Inception and Shutter Island had as many similartites as they had differences.The evident choice of the lead actor,the ambigous endings ,the plots that dealt with the human psyche,the wives and the kids and the associated trauma are a few to name,the similarites that is.Inception is science fiction basically but Shutter Island,true to the Scorcese legacy is rooted in the real world inspite of all its mind bending twists.The sheer brilliance of Scorcese hit me and made me sit up in pure ecstasy of watching a master stroke being executed, when towards the climax Ruffalo’s character calls DiCaprio “Teddy”.Scorcese left the audience in limbo with that single dialogue, i felt.Shutter Island is a jigsaw puzzle that blows up in ur face right when u think youve solved it,Inception but is a roller coaster ride that never ends.It reflects the contrasting styles of directors too i guess.There are endless debates about Shutter Island in forums and webpages across the internet but the only question that kept ringing in my mind ever since was, why would he call him Teddy?When “Andrew” has decided that he doesn’t want to live a monster and would rather die, by pretending to relapse into his state of delirium there’s no point in “Chuck/Sheehan” referring to him as Teddy.And this is when ” Andrew” lets him know with the question about monsters and good men that he is still sane.This could only mean that DiCaprio’s character wasnt crazy afterall.And you will never know this for sure.Every time you watch it you start noticing something you missed earlier.You start trying hard to decipher every reaction and action on the screen.In the end the truth is you will never know.Scorcese sweeps the land beneath your feet with a single plot device and thats testimony enough for his genius.

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