Rectify : The Best Series That You’ve Never Heard Of.

If all of life’s experiences of an individual and of the people around him, their hopes and dreams, their disappointments, fears, tragedies and losses could be written down in so many words, captured in the most poignant of frames, performed and enabled earnestly by artists at the pinnacle of their crafts, to a level of perfection that seldom presents itself in any form of art, that’s Rectify for you.

I used to think that Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston were the best things to happen to television, until Aden Young simmered onto the screen with Rectify.And its not just Young, every actor who’s part of the series leaves a lasting impression on the viewer and these are hitherto unknown actors too, at least to me, which makes one think about the celebrated stars of tinsel towns around the world.Here’s a bunch of artists, living their roles with endearing performances,backed by some of the most honest and soulful screenwriting you would ever come across in the medium, and getting little or no recognition in terms of accolades and leaves their work to speak for itself.

The show moves at its own pace,is not eager to impress,does not slip into the trappings of any genre and stays true to its soul, to the very last frame.Rectify is not just the best show to ever hit the screen that you have never heard of, its art at its finest.The fact that it didn’t win any of the most known television awards is ironically a reflection of the very theme of the show, i think, something very wrong and unfair, that cannot be rectified, like most things in life.Aden Young proved that he is one of the best out there when he literally breathed life into Daniel Holden for three magnificent seasons and here he explains why you shouldn’t watch Rectify and in case you choose to disagree with him, do watch out, rather listen out for some of the best sound mixing works to ever hit the small screen and thats just one of the many bests one could associate with the series.