To Binge Or Not To Binge : Nine Thrillers.

If you are experiencing a binge withdrawal syndrome because you’ve already streamed the hell out of the likes of True Detective, Mindhunter, Line of Duty, Money Heist, Stranger Things, and Unbelievable to name a few of the main”stream” favourites and the play something button isn’t helping much either, this might help. Or not.

Giri/Haji I Netflix I Japanese/English

Has it all, the Yakuza, London gangsters, good cops, bad cops, conflicted cops, daughters, moms, wives, girlfriends and grandmothers battling their demons between London and Tokyo. Breaks a few racial stereotypes to an extent and is grim, witty and poignant at the same time. Definitely binge-worthy.

The Innocent I Netflix I Spanish

Orio Paulo who’s totally capable of pulling off decent twists on his own collaborates with Harlan Coben whose plots have more twists than a steel reinforcing bar, so to speak. Some of these can be quite outlandish though the pace makes up for plausibility. Features Orio’s regular cast here too and manages to keep you hooked to the end.

Safe I Netflix l English

Harlan Coben has a Netflix deal and he’s on a quest to find out if languages and cultures are a barrier when it comes to plot twists. This series is about a girl who goes missing in a gated community and her dad played by Michael C. Hall sets out on a frantic search for her, uncovering more secrets than he would have liked about the people in his perfect life.

The Stranger | Netflix I English

Harlan Coben again and this time it’s about a stranger who seems to be on a mission to disrupt the lives of some decent folk. It doesn’t have any of the dark humor Coben has infused in his other shows on Netflix and is rather grim and there is this sense of impending doom throughout. Oh yes, twists too.

The Alienist I Netflix I English

A period thriller set in New York just before the dawn of the 20th Century. Based on a bestseller by Caleb Carr, Dakota Fanning steals the show literally from her co stars Luke Evans and Daniel Bruhl. The mood in general is that of the umpteen Jack the Ripper spin offs and Sherlock Holmes shows that we have seen before but still makes for an engaging watch and S02 would rank higher than S01 in my book in terms of closure.

Erased l Netflix l Japanese

Based on a manga and Netflix has listed both the manga and live action versions. You could call it the Japanese Stranger Things. A compelling watch of a thriller that pushes all the right buttons. All it takes to be a hero is a heart, says the show.

Beyond Evil I Netflix l Korean

The K-Drama obsession with serial killers and food continues. But the show elevates itself here with some consistently good writing across episodes and performances to back from a couple of incredibly talented actors. Of course that’s again a perspective subject to cultural sensibilities.

Bosch I Amazon Prime I English

I had been skipping Bosch for the longest time and once I streamed it, had me wondering why. If you are a fan of The Wire, you might end up loving Bosch just because more than a few actors from that show makes appearances here thanks to show runner Eric Owermeye . Based on books by Michael Connelly the show is about a relentless detective on the mean streets of LA, Harry Bosch played by Titus Welliver. You might just end up like Bosch, relentlessly streaming the seven seasons.

La Mante I Netflix I French

It is essentially a French twist to the Hannibal Lecter lore, The Silence Of the Lambs to be
specific and has been around for a while. Despite the inevitable comparisons the show might still work for you if grim thrillers are your thing.

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