Vayalar And The Cosmos.

Say, if Einstein had a favorite Malayalam song that he would’ve loved to listen to every time he sat down to think about the workings of the Universe, this profound piece penned by Vayalar, would be it. From Beatles to Bowie, every artist out there in the west have sung about space and the Universe but almost all the time they were only pursuing their regular themes of conflict and disillusionment against a different backdrop or realm, space being that. Chandrakhalabham on the other hand is a song that explores fundamental questions about our existence and place in the Universe that mankind has been asking ever since we looked up at the vast expanse above our heads.
This song is also an embodiment of the principles that Vayalar represented in his works throughout his career. The rationalist that he was explores themes ranging from love to existence to shades of spirituality in this song of cosmic proportions. Its a song that’s as much about science as it’s about philosophy and emotions that drives us as human beings, i feel.

Vayalar here is in awe of the whole of existence when he asks for another lifetime to spend on this beautiful planet.Its the existentialist philosophy that loneliness is the quintessential human condition that Vayalar bases his thoughts on here. He invokes a sense of longing and loneliness in the same breath when he asks if there are yearning hearts elsewhere in the Universe. He reminds us how special, every moment of being in this world as we know it is and how little we know about ourselves and the larger Universe that we are a part of.Ironically, this was amongst his last published works and he was at the peak of his craft if this song is any proof, when he himself disappeared into the unknown.


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