Spider-Man Homecoming : The Review.

No other superhero movie has had as many reboots in such a short span of time as the Spider-Man franchise.In fact the 2002 Sami Raimi Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire marked the beginning of the superhero origin story trend in Hollywood which hasn’t died down even a decade and half later.Since then, we have had three actors playing the friendly neighborhood masked man with Tom Holland”s turn in the last Avengers movie setting the stage for things to come.

Marvel movies have always had a political undertone if you have cared to notice and Homecoming opened with the most explicit political statements of all in any of their movies till now when Michael Keaton’s character expresses his angst at the people who get paid to clean the very mess that they made.Micheal Keaton’s presence is significant in more ways than one and his character is almost a tribute to two of his most famous outings as an actor, Tim Burton’s Batman and the more recent Birdman, which ironically was about an actor who loses himself to the superhero character he played.

The Andrew Garfield spidey is a personal favorite because his quirky,neurotic Peter Parker reminded me of SRK for some reason, in the romantic scenes even more so.Though i have nothing against the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man, he brought a kind of emotional depth and air of melancholy to the character who has otherwise always been identified with mischief and irreverence, which took a toll on the charm of the character if you ask me.Tom Holland plays the youngest version of Peter Parker to have graced the screen i think and his own age helps him stay truer to the traits of the character, who was originally conceived as an adolescent superhero, for a target readership of that age group.The new Spider-Man is just as tech savvy as your average neighborhood teenager and shares his excitement about all things super-heroic in a video diary and thats just one of the reasons why more teenagers are going to identify and relate to this Spider-Man than his predecessors.Plus he’s more fun too and hardly listens to his elders which obviously adds to his appeal, i guess.

The movie rights for the Spider-Man franchise rested with Sony Pictures who spawned five movies in two reboots and it was only a matter of time before Marvel wanted its most famous superhero back, with its ambitions for the Marvel Cinematic Universe being more evident with every other Marvel movie since Iron Man.Though Marvel has no dearth of superhero characters they have a lot riding on Robert Downey’s Iron Man than they would like to admit and i would be lying if i say that I’m not curious to see how the Avengers would fare without Downey’s charm to keep them afloat.Spider-Man, as a character has had more popularity globally than any other Marvel hero including Iron Man and this could be a reason why the theme of The Avengers playing mentors to Spidey, just because he happened to be the youngest of the superheroes, never went down well with me at least. Well after all this is indeed the guy who figured out long back that, with great power came great responsibility, on his own.

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