Facebook Trends and You.

Over the past few weeks, especially with the kind of incidents that have been “trending” in my field of vision literally, on the social media, Facebook to be specific, couldn’t but help wonder about the sheer number of decisions, rather opinions and stands albeit mentally,an average person is forced to make and take on a daily basis.There is this perpetual process at the back of one’s mind which scrutinizes the events that scroll left to right top to bottom, driven by moral compasses,ideologies and good old common sense or the lack of it.I’d say realising this is pretty much like finding greying hair ,its been there for a while and you happened to notice it in the mirror while shaving one fine morning.I wouldn’t have sat down and thought about it if it wasn’t for that Olympian who had a run in with a “Minister of sorts”.There is a barrage of information authenticity of which is shit-not for the lack of a more suited word -and you go about the whole act of reacting dutifully like a wind up toy.Idols turn morons and morons turn icons in the flip of a screen.This whole activity has to be exhausting and you do not know how it would mould you as a person from within over time.Yes, the media has thrown this at you for decades only this time its different because here on social media its in your own hands, round the clock and as Neo was told, “The Matrix has you”, already.
Wake up, check post, decide, opine, hate, insinuate, smirk, fume , prod ,peek, sleep ,Repeat.

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